Data Driven Forms provides a way how you can easily initialized a field when the field is mounted (re-mounted).

Just pass a initializeOnMount prop and set it to true.

The field will use the initialValue set in the schema (initialValue).

initialValue has higher priority than a value from initialValues.

component: componentTypes.TEXT_FIELD,
name: 'name',
initializeOnMount: true,
initialValue: 'this value will be set'

This feature comes handy if you need change a value when an user traverses a form, which shows and hides fields, and the value is not set by the user. Very useful case is used it wizard forms, where you can set different value for the same input according the way the user went in the wizard form by using this option combined with hideField prop.

If you need clear the value after unmounting, you can do it by using clearOnUnmount.