namestring,numberName of the step
nextStepobject/stepKey of next step/functionSee below
fieldsarrayAs usual

A) string - no branching, name of the next step

nextStep: 'next-step-name'

B) object - simple branching

nextStep: {
when: 'source-type',
stepMapper: {
aws: 'aws-step',
google: 'google-step',

i.e.: When source-type is asw go to to the aws-step.

C) function - complex branching

another option is to use custom function. The custom function receives as the first argument an object with values and the function has to return a name in string.

nextStep: ({ values }) => (values.aws === '123' &&& values.password === 'secret') ? 'secretStep' : 'genericStep'

It is possible to set the initial state of the wizard component. This can be useful when an application returns users to a specific step.

component: 'wizard',
..., // fields, etc.
initialState: {
activeStep: 'second-step', // name of the active step
activeStepIndex: 1, // active index
maxStepIndex: 1, // max achieved index
prevSteps: ['first-step'], // array with names of previously visited steps
registeredFieldsHistory: { 'first-step': ['field'] }
// array of registered fields for each visited step
// only values from registered fields will be submitted

How to get the state from existing wizard? The state is passed to both onCancel and onSubmit:

A) onSubmit - (values, formApi, wizardState) => ... B) onCancel - (values, wizardState) => ...

Wizard share its configuration and props via WizardContext.

import WizardContext from '@data-driven-forms/react-form-renderer/wizard-context';
const {
crossroads, // variables changing the navigation
formOptions, // modified formOptions with submit and cancel handlers
currentStep, // curent step object
handlePrev, // going back in the wizard
onKeyDown, // overrides form onKeyDown event for the wizard
jumpToStep, // jump to step, jumpToStep(index, formOptions.valid)
setPrevSteps, // rewrites the nav schema, use to change the navigation
handleNext, // jumps to the nextStep: handleNext(nextStep)
navSchema, // internal object representing the schema of current wizard flow
activeStepIndex, // active index of the step
maxStepIndex, // maximal achieved step
isDynamic, // if form is dynamic (= it is branching steps)
prevSteps // array with names of previous steps
} = useContext(WizardContext);

This API is subject to change. If you implement custom components using these variables and functions, make sure that it is fully tested to prevent bugs when updating.